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adagemusic is the business of media composer & producer Dobs Vye

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My Naked Secret Maverick for Discovery - explores embarassing bodies titles, stings, beds
Argos Toytester Competition for CiTV music scored to animation
Graham Greene Season Red Bee trailer for BBCTV sound design
Mixalbum audio branding sound design
London 2012 BBC Media Arc sound design/music for logo branding
Datacraft BAND Agency, Singapore

music track for 2 TV commercials-SE Asia

Hyperrap Nickleodeon idents
Wellbeing Wellbeing TV Channel logo, idents, menu music
Guinness World Records Commercial sync music
Imperial London Hotels London's biggest chain promo movie & music
Parti TV Japanese gambling channel via Red Bee Media sound design audio branding
Clive Anderson's Chat Show Radio 2 / Above The Title title music
12 Days Of Food BBC Food Channel Christmas Choral Parody
The Rhythm Of Life Landor audio branding, 3-track CD for DeLaval
Dance Anthems UK Play DJ series title music
SMS World Sextext dance loops
Nude TV Outline Productions title music, stings
Organ Donor US commercial sync music
Great Speeches Choice series title music
Sporting Vintage Carlton/ITV series title music, stings, cues
Soundtrack To My Life Choice series title music
Friends In High Places TWI - world hell-tour series titles & all music
The Financial Innovation Awards Media Arc awards music, stings
Radio 1 TV Choice pop series title music, stings
24 Hour Decks Orgy Choice idents


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