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adagemusic is the business of media composer & producer Dobs Vye

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Match Of The Day Kickabout Weekly magazine show for childrren studio beds, coming up music and stings
Cop School 'Are these cadets tough enough to cut it in the Met?' pre-titles and title music, stings, tension beds, underscores, cues
Project Parent Children giving single parents a lifestyle makeover pre-titles and title music, tension beds, underscores, cues
Help! Teach Is Coming To Stay Saturday morning flagship kids' series title music, stings, beds for activities, the challenges, tensions etc
Level Up Daily morning kids' mag title music, stings, beds for every part
Bee In Your Bonnet Current affairs docu-series title music, beds, stings
Crooked House Crime series title music, cues
The Ozone Music series title music, cues, stings, bumpers
Diane Warren: How Do I Live Documentary about songwriter Diane Warren title music, cues
Lifting The Bonnet Series revealing car scams title music
Jeremy Clarkson's Meet The Neighbours Euro travel s eries, Chrysalis TV title music, cues


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