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adagemusic is the business of media composer & producer Dobs Vye

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Marrying Mum & Dad Kids design their parents' wedding titles, stings, beds, cues
Operation Ouch Medical learning series for Maverick TV title music & stings
Match Of The Day Kickabout Weekly football magazine show for children studio beds, coming up music and stings
Cop School 'Are these cadets tough enough to cut it in the Met?' pre-titles and title music, stings, tension beds, underscores, cues
Project Parent Children giving single parents a lifestyle makeover pre-titles and title music, tension beds underscores, cues
Relic: Guardians Of The Museum Epic fantasy gameshow set in the British Museum title music & over 100 dramatic cues for gameplay/civilizations
Trapped Kids' gothic game show all the music - titles, cues, games,
Jump Nation Saturday morning kids' craze series title music, stings, walk-ons, studio beds
Space Hoppers Space science series featuring Prof Brian Cox titles, raps, comedy sketches, animations
We Are The Champions Kids' action gameshow music beds for action games
Election Kids' series about leadership title music, stings, tensions, variety of beds
Blue Peter Fresh music for the flagship show, now 50! title music, studio beds, stings, tension bed, credits music
Skate Nation Saturday morning kids' craze series title music, stings, walk-ons, studio beds
Help! Teach Is Coming To Stay Saturday morning flagship kids' series title music, stings, beds for activities, the challenges, tensions etc
School Of Silence CBBC/Lucky Day TV all cues, titles, stings, beds
Do Something Different Kids' morning series for holiday activities title music, sting, beds
Whizz Whizz Bang Bang Kids' inventions entertainment title music, beds, animation music, and 'commercial' tracks
Level Up Daily morning kids mag title music, stings, beds for every part
Hard Spell Abbey Kids' spin off of Hard Spell titles, beds, stings

Sport Relief: Get Sub'd

KIds' game show of silly sports titles, entrance/ gameplay/ tension beds, stings etc
Beat The Boss Kids' challenge series title music, beds and stings
The Next Level Careers series for kids title music, beds, stings
Jackanory Children's storytelling title music, cues
The Official UK Top 40 Pop Show - chart rundown for children title music, stings
Dance Factory Kids' dance talent contest titles, beds, stings, tension, editing, 'single'


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